Gate Automation for Office Parks

There are many different types of access control, to ensure the optimum security of an office park. Naturally, there are a lot of valuables inside each office building, which can be stolen if an unauthorised person is to gain access into the premises. Gate automation is incredibly important for office parks, but why?

Firstly, you should understand how gate automation works. A motor is attached to the gate so that it can be opened by simply pressing a button, swiping an access card on a sensory receiver or having someone punch in a certain code on a keypad. Most office parks will have an assigned security company that will react to any breach of the gate with an armed response. There will usually also always be a security guard on duty at the gate, authorising access.

The reason why gate automation is so important is so that all entries and exits from the premises can be tracked. Firstly, each access card or button will be assigned its own fingerprint. This means that the head of security will be able to tell when your particular access card has signed in or out. This is very good for security. If there is a breach in security and anything is stolen then the security can check through the people who have accessed the premises during that particular time frame. These ways of tracking the opening and closing of the gates is also good for the owner of the security company. They will be able to check the records of how many times the gate has been opened for visitors, and can then check whether those figures correspond with the register.

For these reasons, gate automation is vital for office parks. The owner of the security company needs to be able to have a record to check how many times the gate was opened and with who’s access card. Being able to check against the register who has been in and out in balance to how many times the gate has been opened will be a good indicator of any funny business going on.

Gate automation also makes life a lot easier for the security working at the office park. They have so many other things to worry about, such as registering people in and out of the property, and ensuring that everything is running smoothly security wise. With an automated gate, it gives the security guard more time to assess the situation, and take down number plate registration details.

It is easy to see why it is imperative that an office park have an automated gate system. It also adds to the professional look of the office park if the gate is automated. It saves the security the hassle of opening each gate manually if each employee has their own access card.